We celebrate boeuf!

Pooches, my manservant dutifully completed his morning walk/run at his walk/run park this morning and returned to our den to begin his wash day duties.  The first priority, however, was to prepare breakfast. We decided to make today a celebration of boeuf!  After a brief visit to the kitchen we paraded out to our picnic bench and enjoyed a filet of boeuf and egg sandwich (on whole wheat, of course).  Wash day duties were carried out and about mid-morning we decided to undertake an excursion my school park

We headed to the waterfront as usual and then strolled to the north end of my school park.  We don’t visit that location very often and were surprised to discover a new area that we had never explored.  Much sniffing and running to and fro was necessary to cover the area thoroughly.  It was a grand find and it has the benefit of ample shade, a bonus during summer visits!

After returning to our den my manservant donned his yoga costume and headed back to my school park for his yoga class.  Meanwhile, Starlight and I spent the time during my manservant’s yoga class trying to guess what type of boeuf we would be having for lunch.  After yoga class we kept peering into the kitchen as my manservant prepared our lunch.  Much to our delight we spied boeuf patties smothered in onion and gravy AND potatoes also swimming in gravy and onions!  Woo hoo!  The meal was enjoyed with gusto at our picnic bench and it was with full bellies that we headed to our afternoon nap locations!

Now…what’s for dinner?


We enjoy a filet of boeuf and egg sandwich for breakfast.

It’s that time of year when pine needles start falling.

We have a rare moment when neither Starlight nor me have our nose to the ground.

Sunshine, I wonder if your manservant would take us to the yacht club for lunch?

Starlight, I can’t believe we’ve found a part of my school park that we haven’t explored!

Be careful Starlight. A ‘gator would be hard to spy in this spot until you were on top of it!

It sure does smell good!  Is your cardiologist on your speed dial?


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