Pooches,  today started off like they all do:  my manservant headed to his walk/run park for his walk/run.  When he returned to our den he spent the morning manicuring our back yard and completing a variety of tasks.  Excursion time arrived before we knew it and my manservant said to celebrate the newly manicured back yard he was going to call in a take away order for a boeuf burger from my Mardi Gras restaurant.  Woo hoo!

After loading in the Hybridmobile we merrily traveled down the lane to pick up our take away order.  When it had been secured we decided to go to my Indian mound park on an overdue visit.  As we were passing by my overlook on the way to my Indian mound park, we saw much irregular activity taking place.  Construction equipment was scattered about and gentlemen in hardhats were walking to and fro!

The Hybridmobile continue gliding to my Indian mound park where we hopped in the boot of the Hybridmobile and, wanting to go back and investigate my overlook,  quickly scarfed down our boeuf burger and coleslaw.

As the Hybridmobile pulled into a carriage stall at my overlook and we hopped out we saw the tragedy that had taken place!  Pooches, in an effort to stop erosion at my overlook and place large stones along the waterfront, my leaning tree had been sacrificed!  With tears in our eyes Starlight and I ran toward to formerly grand tree only to be stopped by a barrier.  It was a with heavy hearts that we began our thorough investigation of my park before returning to our den.

Pooches, the authorities are going to be hearing from me!

Sunshine (sniff)

We need to eat our boeuf burger and coleslaw quickly so we can go back to my overlook and investigate the suspicious activity!

Starlight, they’ve murdered my leaning tree!!!

She was a grand ol’ tree even though she leaned a bit.

One last look before they haul her off. Sniff.

Starlight, my overlook is never going to be the same.

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