Arrrr ye pooches!

Shiver me timbers, pooches! Me hope you’re having a good Talk Like a Pirate Day. Starlight and I spent all morning talking like pirates. I had to correct Starlight several times when she be utterin’ a ‘thank ye’ or ‘please’, telling her that pirates weren’t polite. She said it was ‘make believe’ anyway and she could be a polite pirate if she wanted t’. We finally grew tired of talking like pirates by lunchtime.

Me manservant prepared lunch and we enjoyed a tasty meal of deviled eggs and twice baked potato skins on our Davenport.  Me manservant had declared today to be a couch potato day after his walk/run this morning in honor of the day.  ‘Spect we’ll be gonna take a lie down all afternoon.



Scurvy dog!  Pirates don’t eat spinach salad for breakfast!

Ahoy! Bacon. Well that’s a different matter!



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One Response to Arrrr ye pooches!

  1. Oh how jolly exciting! My dear Sunshine & Starlight if your manservant did not serve up such delightful dishes I would urge you to get him walk the plank from your rez! Please don’t tho’ as Grannie & I adore your posts and all the super nommy treats you get to nosh. Woofilicious woofs from West Highland Terrier Angel residing the other side of the large pond in England’s green & pleasant lands 🙂

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