Routine Monday

Pooches, today has been about as routine as can be.  My manservant’s walk/run and yoga class were carried out as usual.  Starlight and I napped heavily all morning and my manservant finally roused us out of bed at excursion time.  We headed to my school park where we enjoyed wings that my manservant had cooked yesterday.  A brief stroll was taken along the waterfront but it was short-lived because my manservant was still wearing his yoga costume and complained about the heat.

Starlight and I are getting excited about tomorrow’s Talk Like a Pirate Day!”  It is bound to be more exciting than today.


We’re enjoying roasted wings in the boot of the Hybridmobile.

What’s going on here?

My Rez always look like a mirror when there is no breeze.

Let’s race back to the Hybridmobile.


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