Fitness and fried chicken Friday!

Pooches, my manservant headed out early this morning in the Hybridmobile to his gym.  He first mounted the stationary velocipede for a long ride followed by a walk/run on the treadmill.  As if that were not enough, on his return to our den he stopped by his walk/run for another walk/run!  When he finally returned to our den he was keen to take Starlight and me on a 5k from my school park to my overlook and back.  We put our paws down and firmly declined such foolishness.

Our somewhat normal excursion commenced after my manservant returned from his yoga class.  We headed to my log cabin park for a walk on my multi-use trail.  Pooches, to our dismay we found the section we planned to walk had been temporarily closed to make improvements.  We headed in the other direction instead.

My manservant finally said he had walked enough today and urged us back to the Hybridmobile.  He reasoned that after all that exercise today he deserved a special lunch.  It was thoroughly enjoyed at our picnic bench!

See you on Silent Saturday, pooches!


We enjoy bangers for breakfast under the pergola.

Egad! A part of my multi-use trail has been closed!

We’ll go the other direction instead.

Sunshine, we’ve never walked on this part of your multi-use trail before today.

It is much more pleasant to walk on the grass.

Fried chicken, creamed corn, and green beans with new potatoes will do nicely for lunch.

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