Litter patrol duties

Pooches, my manservant departed for his walk/run park hurriedly this morning saying he had many errands to run today.  His walk/run proved to be rather long and when he returned he said there was no time for breakfast.  Instead he suggested that Starlight and I accompany him while he undertook his errand-running.  We were willing to go along, reasoning that we could take care of our morning naps on the back seat of the Hybridmobile as easily as at our den.

Starlight and I mostly snoozed while the Hybridmobile purred to and fro around our village.  By the time all errands had been completed it was time for lunch.  As the Hybridmobile returned to our den there was much discussion about our menu for our picnic lunch at the picnic bench.  Frankfurters won by a 2-1 vote in the end and my manservant began their preparation when we arrived.  They were thoroughly enjoyed at our picnic bench along with mustard, onion, pickle relish and a mango/orange smoothie.

We were in agreement that our excursion today would be our routine litter patrol around the poochhood since it was due.  The weather was quite pleasant and much litter was gathered.  All in all it was a successful excursion.

We began our afternoon naps following our excursion while my manservant began preparation of tonight’s meal by snapping green beans.


After all the errands we completed this morning we’ll surely need more than two frankfurters!

Sunshine, come look at this bonnie wee flowerbed.

I’ve spotted litter ahead! Get the rubbish bag ready.

Shall we go ’round the back loop?

When the spider lilies bloom one knows fall is near.

What else is on the menu for tonight in addition to the green beans?


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