Not your routine day

Pooches, my manservant headed to the Hybridmobile while it was still dark this morning and announced that rather than going to his walk/run park he was going to his gym.  It seems that in addition to his walk/run he wanted to get a few kilometers under his belt on the stationary velocipede.  When he returned to our den he looked quite pleased with himself having done several kilometers on the velocipede and then a lengthy hamster-like walk/run on the treadmill.

Being wash day, a load of laundry was completed and a second one started before my manservant headed to his yoga class.  He asked Starlight and me to hang the wash on the clothesline in his absence.  I pointed out that we weren’t tall enough to reach the line and, even if we were, we didn’t have the thumbs required to operate the clothespins.  He shrugged his shoulders and departed for yoga.

When lunchtime arrived my manservant said all of the exercise this morning had left him quite hungry.  Pooches, he spent over an hour in the kitchen chopping, dicing, browning and braising before we all paraded out to the picnic bench and were treated to a tasty dish of grillades and grits.  Woo hoo!  We were licking our plates when we finished eating and clamoring for more.

Our excursion time finally arrived in mid-afternoon and a short visit to my overlook was suggested.  It was quite pleasant with bright blue skies and a cool onshore breeze to keep us cool.

Starlight and I are headed to afternoon naps where, no doubt, we will dream of grillades and grits!


Starlight and I declared my manservant’s grillades and grits to be a 5-star meal!

Even in mid-afternoon my overlook was still pleasantly cool.

Starlight, I think the strong onshore breeze is blowing away all the scents.

The authorities are keeping up with the growing grass nicely.

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