Excursion light

Pooches, after yesterday’s excursion bonanza we all agreed to become minimalist in the excursion department today.  My manservant went to his walk/run park early this morning and when he returned he reported that it was another chilly morning.  He suggested an early excursion to enjoy the cool temperature and because it was yoga class day.

First thing first, though, and we urged him to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.  What a breakfast it was, pooches.  Starlight and I agreed that barbecue ribs needed to be worked in our breakfast menu more often!

Our light excursion was to my manservant’s walk/run park where we enjoyed a stroll along the creek and across the footbridge to the forested side of the creek.  We took it easy, as promised, and returned to the Hybridmobile to allow my manservant to reach his yoga class in a timely manner.

After yoga we found ourselves at our picnic bench once again.  This time we enjoyed a light lunch in preparation for afternoon napping.

See you on Silent Saturday, pooches!


My manservant eats an egg on hash browns with peppers and onions while Starlight and I opt for barbecue ribs.

My manservant needs to call the authorities about cutting the grass in his walk/run park.

It is another spectacular fall-like day!

There are times when everyone needs to just sit and enjoy life.

A light lunch of chicken salad stuffed romaine leaves is just the ticket.

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