Exploration excursion

Pooches, what grand fall-like weather we are having.  Yesterday all of the windows of our den were opened (until the middle of the night when my manservant said he was freezing) and they continue to be open today.  My manservant gleefully headed to his walk/run park this morning and complained upon his return that he had to share the walk/run trail with half of the population of our village who had been enticed to go on a walk/run by the chilly morning air.

Starlight and I excitedly planned today’s excursion in his absence.  We knew that barbecue ribs would be on our picnic menu today because they slowed cooked all afternoon yesterday and had been carefully packed and placed in the icebox for today’s excursion.  Starlight suggested that we return to the newly-discovered trails at my park on the north end of my Rez and undertake a more thorough exploration of them.  My manservant had promised to do so “when the weather turned cooler” and, voila!  I congratulated Starlight on her clever thinking and informed my manservant of our plans.  He was agreeable.

We decided a brunch excursion was a fine idea and soon boarded the Hybridmobile.  A merry ride was had by all as the Hybridmobile glided down the country lanes to my park.  Anxious to undertake our exploration of the trails, we decided to forego dining at a picnic table and, instead, retreated to the boot of the Hybridmobile where we wolfed down tasty barbecue ribs!

We immediately headed to the start of the trails after brunch.  Pooches, we most assuredly had plenty of exercise because we hiked up hills, around ravines, and up more hills.  The deep woods were filled with a multitude of smells and sounds, so many that Starlight and I finally gave up trying to identify each one.  After half an hour of hiking we reached a section of the trail with a wonderful view of the entirety of my Rez!  After resting a bit and enjoying the view, we agreed that this was a good spot to turn around and return to the Hybridmobile.  We only explored a fraction of this trail system so we have plenty left to explore this fall!

It was a marvelous excursion, pooches.  No doubt we will all be a wee bit sore tomorrow!  Right now it’s time to nap.


This is our view today while dining in the boot of the Hybridmobile.

I hope you brought plenty of napkins for yourself to use while eating the barbecue ribs.

Starlight, I believe the beginning of the trails is over here.

Are you sure you want to go deeper in the forest?

Look, Sunshine! We’re up so high your Rez is way down there!

This is where we began our exploration this morning.

We’d better hurry, Starlight. The faithful Hybridmobile is waiting for our return.


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