Catching up on our rest

Pooches, after a busy weekend with Fred and Buttons visiting and then our activity=filled day of holibobs yesterday, we decided today could be a day of rest.  My manservant headed out to his walk/run park quite early.  When he returned he found Starlight and me reclining on the Davenport.  He started to join us but I pointed out that he had skipped his wash day duties yesterday and it was “time to pay the piper” so to speak.  He grumbled and headed to the laundry room.

My manservant began his wash duties before taking a break to head to the kitchen for breakfast preparation.  He outdid himself today, pooches, and we soon found ourselves at the picnic bench enjoying a poached egg on toast with a béchamel/cheese sauce, toast and strawberry jam, and a healthy serving of bacon!  Woo hoo!

The remainder of the morning was spent lounging about our den until excursion time arrived.  In the interest of taking it easy, we headed to my good ol’ overlook and strolled along the shoreline until we reached the grove of cypress trees where we enjoyed a shady respite from the hot sun.  The sniffing was plentiful under the cypress trees!  My manservant finally suggested that it was time to revisit the Davenport for a bit of reading so we returned to the Hybridmobile for the return journey.

All in all it was a lazy day!


Let’s eat the fine breakfast you prepared. Now!

Woo hoo! We’re diving in!

Let’s head to the thicket of cypress trees at the shoreline, Sunshine.

Look at the purple flowers down there.

Sunshine, we have a long walk back to the Hybridmobile.

That’s it. If you get down on your hands and knees you can enjoy sniffing along with us!

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