Holibobs excursion

Pooches, it’s been a lively day of frolic and fun in our pack.  My womanservant took a holibobs day today and we’ve made the most of it!  My manservant headed to his walk/run park as usual this morning while my womanservant made the most of her holibobs day and headed to a yoga class.  Starlight and I pensively waited to see what the day would bring us when they returned to our den.

It was late morning when my manservant headed to the kitchen to prepare a picnic lunch for a picnic excursion.  Smoked salmon and assorted accompaniments were packed in our picnic basket as we awaited my womanservant’s return from yoga class.  When she returned we quickly packed our picnic basket in the boot of the Hybridmobile II and headed off to a splendid afternoon of picnicking, exploring, sniffing and hiking.  Excitement filled the air!

After choosing a picnic table in my rarely visited park on the north end of my Rez we enjoyed a tasty meal of smoked salmon (and assorted accompaniments).  We then headed out around my park for an energetic stroll.  Pooches, the exciting news is that we discovered a previously unknown trail that took us deep into the forest!  Woo hoo!  We hiked and sniffed for quite some time and we were wont to continue but my manservant declared it to be a place that warranted further investigation when cooler fall weather arrived.   He directed us back to the Hybridmobile II.

Our excursion was declared a success when we returned and boarded the Hybridmobile II.  We arrived at our den a bit tired but quite content.  It is nap time now.


A wee bit of smoked salmon on whole wheat crackers with red onion, cream cheese, and capers makes for a dandy picnic lunch!

Woo hoo! We’ve discovered a new hiking trail at my park on the north end of the Rez! 

Concrete piers are much safer for pooches than those wooden things.

Be careful, Starlight. Do you remember that giant catfish we saw those humans catch here? 

Starlight, you can’t beat a day like this on my Rez!


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