SUNSHINE returns!

Pooches, after nearly a week of clouds and rain we awoke this morning to cool temperatures and bright SUNSHINE!  My manservant headed quickly to his walk/run park to take advantage of the cool temperatures.  The remainder of the morning was filled with errand-running and morning napping.

My manservant decided he wanted spaghetti for lunch and headed to the market to obtain the necessary supplies.  It wasn’t long after he returned that we could be found at our picnic bench enjoying spaghetti with boeuf sauce and garlic bread!  Woo hoo!  When our bellies were full we washed, dried, and returned the dishes and pots to the cupboard and immediately headed to the Hybridmobile for today’s excursion.

We enjoyed bright blue skies at my Saturday park and equally enjoyed a lengthy stroll along the waterfront.  Smells were abundant and the weather was ideal for an early afternoon excursion, not at all like a normal September 1.  We’ve returned to our den where afternoon naps will commence shortly.

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday, pooches!


We have trouble eating spaghetti at the picnic bench but we’re fine with chunks of the boeuf.

Starlight, it’s a calm day at my Rez.

I’ll bet there are some good smells over here.

Ducks must be some of the least friendly creatures around!

This is far enough.

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