Dreich excursion

Pooches, we could feel in our bones this morning upon arising that it was going to be another drizzly, misty, overcast and all around dreich day.  My manservant headed to his walk/run park and completed his excursion in light rain.  Upon returning to our den we all agreed to take at least a short excursion if a break in the rain occurred.  Throughout the morning Starlight and I would occasionally step outside to check the weather but the drizzle was relentless.

As my manservant was preparing our lunch of red beans and rice, Starlight made another visit outside for a weather check and excitedly returned announcing that the drizzle had stopped.  My manservant quickly packed our lunch and we headed to the Hybridmobile.  The Hybridmobile, not wishing to travel the wet lanes, warned that the rain could return at any moment.  Nevertheless, we journeyed toward my school park to see the waves of my Rez in the stormy winds while we enjoyed a picnic.

As we pulled in at the parking area for carriages the rain began falling enthusiastically once again.  Nor to the deterred, my manservant carried Starlight, me and the red beans and rice to the boot of the Hybridmobile who had that ‘I told you so” sort of look.

The sausages in the red beans and rice were quite tasty!  As we finished eating I hopped out of the Hybridmobile’s boot and headed toward the shoreline of my Rez.  Starlight and my manservant were reluctant but followed until the rain started falling harder.  I reluctantly returned with them to the Hybridmobile.  It appears we will spend the afternoon napping as long as the rain continues.

Pooches, the good news is that there is supposed to be plenty of SUNSHINE tomorrow!


Starlight and I are politely eating our first bite of sausage from the red beans and rice.

Who needs napkins?

Sunshine, you can stay out in this rain if you want to but I’m going back to the Hybridmobile!

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