False alarm fosters early excursion

Pooches, we were pleased to see that it wasn’t raining when we hopped out of bed this morning.  The weather prognosticators promised steady rain moving in later in the day.  I was assigned the responsibility of keeping my eye on the weather radar and sounding the alarm for an immediate excursion if I saw the rain’s approach.  My manservant headed to his walk/run park where he enjoyed a much longer walk/run than usual.

Our breakfast this morning consisted of a freshly-popped bowl of popcorn!  We sat on the Davenport an munched happily until my manservant announced he had to perform housekeeping responsibilities.  It was just after mid-morning when my manservant came inside from taking rubbish to the curb for rubbish day and said he felt raindrops.  I double-checked the weather radar and it belied what was actually happening.  We quickly scurried to the Hybridmobile and boarded for a journey to my overlook.

I’m pleased to report that not only did the rain quickly dissipate but when we arrived at my overlook we saw that we had it to ourselves!  Not only that, but the authorities had acted on my complaint about the tall grass and had neatly clipped it!  Starlight and I bounded down the hill to the waterfront where we enjoyed a stiff and cool breeze coming off of the water.  It felt like a fall day!

When we returned to our den the rain was still at bay.  My manservant prepared a PB&J and a BOT (he didn’t know we didn’t have any lettuce and he substituted onion).  We were pleased to march out to our picnic bench where we enjoyed a fine meal.


It is one of rare times this morning when we have my overlook to ourselves.

Sunshine, it looks like heavy rain on the opposite shore.

The strong north wind is kicking up a few whitecaps on my Rez today.

I’m glad the authorities finally decided to cut the grass at my overlook. No doubt it was due to my public chastisement in my blog last week.

Piles of cut grass are treasures because they contain numerous scents!

Are we going to start with the PB&Js or the BOTs?

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One Response to False alarm fosters early excursion

  1. llindaxxo says:

    It’s always so lovely to see these two buddies together! It makes me want to get a twin buddy for my pup! I’ve been looking the last few weeks but haven’t found a good match yet >_<

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