What ever happened to summer droughts?

Pooches, as has been the case far too many times this summer, we awoke to rain this morning.  My manservant waited until there was only a light drizzle falling before he headed to his walk/run park.  By the time he returned the rain had changed to a heavier drizzle.  After consulting the weather prognosticators we concluded it was going to be an all day affair.  We were forced to have our breakfast served inside and were further disappointed to see it was only bagels and cream cheese with jams.  Phooey!  Starlight and I headed to our morning naps after breakfast and my manservant began his wash day duties.

When my manservant headed to yoga class he promised a tasty lunch on his return.  When yoga glass had ended my manservant returned and busied himself in the kitchen chopping up roasted vegetables that were destined to become a part of a pizza.  When said pizza was finished cooking we headed out to our picnic bench in only a light sprinkle.  Unfortunately, before the first bite of pizza could be taken the heavy rain began to fall again and we were forced to retire inside where we designated the leather ottoman be our temporary picnic bench!

It appears the rain will continue through the afternoon.  Starlight and I plan on studying the back of our eyelids.


Bagels? We thought you said ‘bacon’.

We’d better hurry and eat before…

Uh-oh. It’s beginning to rain again.

Why can’t it only rain at night when we’re asleep?

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