Happy National Pooch Day!!!!

Pooches, Silent Saturday has to be cancelled today because it’s National Pooch Day!  My manservant hurried to complete his morning walk/run in order to begin our celebratory activities.  Starlight and my womanservant departed early for the local National Pooch Day celebration because Starlight was holding demonstration sessions of her obedience and agility skills.  My manservant and I said we would join them later and stayed at our den to prepare and eat a hearty breakfast before traveling to the festivities.

When we arrived at the festival the crowds were tremendous, filling all of the parking places at my park by the bay where the event was being held.  My manservant and I made our way through the crowds and finally located Starlight and my womanservant.  Starlight was entertaining the large crowd by demonstrating her professional agility and obedience moves.  She was very impressive!

We returned to our den in mid-afternoon and my manservant suggested that he prepare a celebration luncheon for our pack.  Starlight and I were enthusiastic about the idea and waited patiently while the victuals were prepared.  Sad to say my womanservant couldn’t join us in our luncheon because she is traveling to Elvistown for the evening.

After our late lunch, Starlight and I both said we needed naps having neglected them all day.   Because we have enjoyed heavy meals today, my manservant has promised to prepare a light dinner of redneck hummus with crudité.  Starlight and I are looking forward to nibbling crudité and hummus while we sip on beverages as we enjoy our Saturday night entertainment.

Happy National Pooch Day, again, pooches!


We begin our celebration of National Pooch Day with a hearty breakfast of egg, bacon, cheese grits, and fruit.

Starlight entertains the crowds as she obediently sits motionless without blinking.

Starlight and my womanservant plan their next demonstration activity.

After first demonstrating her obedience skills, Starlight wows the crowd as she shows off her agility prowess!

A mid-afternoon lunch of stir-fry boeuf with peppers and onions on faro fettuccine and grilled corn on the cob hits the spot after all of our activities today.






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