Crabby week comes to an end

Pooches, we celebrated our total eclipse viewing on Monday by having crab on Tuesday night after we returned to our den and then again at Wednesday lunch. Today, once again, we delighted in having crab for lunch at our picnic bench.  Woo hoo!  Crabby weeks can be good weeks.

My manservant undertook his walk/run early this morning.  On his way back to our den he stopped by the village nursery and purchased enough plants to fill the Hybridmobile’s boot and began digging, shoveling, and mixing in potting soil in preparation for planting the fine specimens of grasses he had purchased.  Our pack decided a celebratory brunch was in order and, in a nod to yesterday being National Waffle Day, my manservant prepared roasted chicken and waffles.  Woo hoo.  They were quite tasty!

He soon donned  his yoga costume and headed to yoga class.  Starlight and I were surprised when he returned  with a pile of steamed crab ready to be enjoyed with a wee bit of warm ghee.  Woo hoo.  It just keeps getting better!

Pooches, see you tomorrow on Silent Saturday!


Waffles and roasted chicken make a tasty brunch although it seems to be a bit too trendy for the likes of our pack!

I wonder if anyone is home today.  They seem to be rather odd pooches because I’ve never seen them outside.

I’m enjoying a wee bit of wading in the water of my Rez.  I’m trusting there are no ‘gators nearby.

Yum! Crab claws for a surprise mid-afternoon snack!  Notice the efficient angle of our heads to snatch our crab quickly.



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