Routine excursions have returned!

When my manservant returned from his walk/run this morning he told us the heat wave of late seems to have passed and that the morning was quite pleasant.  Because it was no longer necessary to have an early excursion to avoid the heat of the day, my manservant said he planned to devote the morning to lawn manicuring.

It was, of course, necessary to prepare breakfast in order to have the energy to perform his manicuring duties my manservant reasoned.  A breakfast sandwich was prepared and enjoyed at our picnic bench before my manservant withdrew the manicuring machine from storage.  Starlight and I excused ourselves and headed back to our den for serious napping.

After completing the lawn activity my manservant headed to his groomer’s to have the small amount of fur he has on top of his head cut.  When he returned from his groomer’s’ looking like a neatly pruned shrub it was regular excursion tine and off we went in the Hybridmobile to my overlook.  The weather was indeed grand and a strong cool breeze came off of the water.  The authorizes have allowed the grass at my overlook to grow too high, pooches, making our sniffing along the waterfront a wee bit challenging.

We’re back at our den now where my manservant is undertaking a few housekeeping chores.  Starlight and I will be settling in for our afternoon naps in short order!


Breakfast finds us fortifying ourselves with an egg sandwich in preparation for a morning of lawn manicuring.

Starlight, there is a good smell over here.

This tall grass makes the going difficult.

Sunshine, let’s go back to the Hybridmobile. This tall grass is making me itch.

What do you expect when you make us walk through grass that is twice as tall as us?


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