Early and long excursion

Pooches, our pack outdid ourselves today with our excursion!  Knowing that it was likely going to be another miserably hot and humid day, my manservant suggested that we combine his walk/run with our excursion and relocate the whole shebang to my arboretum.

Starlight and I were ecstatic because whenever we have an excursion beginning at my arboretum we always seem to wind up at my Rez near my overlook!  Knowing that my arboretum was likely covered in mud and water after all of the recent rain, we hurried to the Hybridmobile before my manservant remembered this and changed his mind.  The Hybridmobile snickered when we told it our destination and it merrily glided to the parking area.

Pooches, as we approached the trail at the edge of the parking lot we saw that it was covered with water.  My manservant daintily guided us around the puddle.  This scene was repeated time after time as we headed toward the back of the arboretum and into the forest on the way to my Rez.  When we entered the forest the puddles became large and more frequent.  As we reached my Rez there was one more puddle that couldn’t be avoided.  Unfortunately it was ankle-deep on my manservant (a tad more than ankle-deep for pooches)!  We crossed the carriageway and headed to the shoreline where we enjoyed a bit of sniffing before swarms of mosquitoes encouraged us to begin the return trip to the Hybridmobile.

Because we were soaking wet and muddy my manservant said there was no need to avoid the puddles on our return trip and he allowed Starlight and me to splash willy-nilly through them.  A bit of excitement occurred as we neared the Hybridmobile when a large deer bounded through the trees and bolted across the trail about five meters in front of us.  The action set off Starlight in a barking frenzy the likes of which I had never seen.  My manservant finally calmed her down by loading us in the Hybridmobile and quickly driving away.

So much exertion caused us all to be hungry and we enjoyed a mid-morning breakfast upon our return to our den.


There is a wee bit of fog at my Rez this morning.

As we get deeper into the forest it becomes harder and harder to get around these puddles.

Starlight, doesn’t my Rez look majestic this morning?

We might as well. Our paws are already muddy and wet!

That was a huge deer that just bounded across the trail!

Going on such a long excursion with lots of hiking always makes us hungry!

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