Humid excursion

Pooches, the weather this week is proving to be quite unpleasant.  My manservant, with an appointment with his peeper vet made for mid-morning, suggested that we accompany him on his walk/run through the poochhood early this morning because it would likely be too miserably humid by the time he returned from his appointment.  Starlight and hurried to gather our leashes and headed down the lane with my manservant.

Little did we know, pooches, but even early in the morning the weather was already sultry and sticky.  As we strolled ’round the poochhood Starlight and I soon regretted our decision to join my manservant.  My manservant required us to remain on the pavement rather than detour through the yards of cooler grass.  We couldn’t get back to our den fast enough!

My manservant was at his peepers vet all morning and returned just in time to prepare our lunch of a Greek salad.  We foolishly tried to enjoy it at our picnic bench but returned indoors to dine in more civilized conditions.

Stay cool, pooches.  We’ve certainly not been very successful!


The rubbish collectors are not going to be happy when they see this pile!

Your skin vet told you to only wear long pants. I’m going to send him this picture!

The high humidity this morning is making this weather downright uncivilized. Given the state things these days that is probably appropriate!

We’re back to our den. Hello air conditioner!!!

After two bites into our Greek salad we scurried back indoors to dine in proper conditions.


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