Wee excursion

Pooches, my manservant performed his walk/run this morning within the confines of our poochhood which allowed him to begin his wash day duties much earlier than usual.  While the wash was underway my manservant began performing other assorted duties.  Because today was yoga day we were unable to  go on our early excursion.  When my manservant returned from yoga class, he headed to the kitchen with wok in hand and began lunch preparation.

After sounds of sizzling and hissing were heard in the kitchen, my manservant soon emerged with a heaping plate of ham fried rice.  We paraded out to our picnic to enjoy lunch.  The warm and humid weather made it difficult to enjoy a steaming pile of fried rice but the pieces of diced ham were quite tasty and we deemed it the hit of the meal!

After lunch my manservant suggested that we undertake an abbreviated excursion in light of the heat and humidity.  Starlight and I were more than agreeable because we were ready to spend the afternoon napping in the cool of our den.  The Hybridmobile decided shade was the important element in today’s excursion and selected my sunken Trace which is mostly shade.  Starlight and I were pleased to note that the smells were slowly returning and I’m confident that in a few days they will be back to their normal levels provided we don’t have any more gully washers!


Ham fried rice is a rather odd menu selection on such a hot day.

Sunshine, let’s go walking down the ‘sunken’ part of your park.

The smells are finally returning to my parks!

We head down the steps to check out my sunken Trace.

Even my new walkway is mostly in the shade.

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