Uneventful excursion

Pooches, when my manservant returned from his walk/run park this morning he was quite excited.  He said on two occasions while exercising the sun appeared briefly.  He also urged us to the Hybridmobile to undertake an early excursion because Starlight was headed out-of-town with my womanservant at noon today for another weekend of competition.

We piled in the Hybridmobile and directed it toward my overlook.  Pooches, the copious amounts of rain this week left my overlook quite soggy.  We stayed near the top of the hill in order to avoid the very soggy ground near the bottom of the hill.

All in all it was a rather boring excursion (the smells haven’t been replaced after they washed away this week).  We didn’t tarry long and returned to our den in plenty of time for my manservant to head to his yoga class.

Pooches, I’ll see you tomorrow on Silent Saturday.  Hopefully it will bring more excitement than today!


Starlight, I think we’d better stay near the top of the hill. After all the rain this week the waterfront is bound to be soggy.

We might get to see SUNSHINE later this morning!

The oak tree makes it a nice view from here.

The smells haven’t returned yet.

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