Excursions resume in the rain

Pooches, the continued rain is getting on our nerves in our pack.  My manservant declined to go on his walk/run this morning because the weather radar revealed a line of thunder showers approaching our abode.  It was soon raining and, after consulting with the weather prognosticators, we realized we were destined to another day of rain fourth day in a row.  Fiddlesticks!

It was still early when my manservant announced that he was at the breaking point.  He declared that he was going to have none of it and we were going on an excursion today.  I pointed out that the rain appeared to be here for the entire day but he said “getting wet never hurt anybody” and we proceeded to load into the Hybridmobile much to our delight.

After stopping at a deli to acquire breakfast as a way of celebrating our resumption of excursions, the Hybridmobile headed to my boat launch park.  We immediately climbed into the boot of the Hybridmobile (while my manservant stood outside in the rain) and enjoyed eggs, bangers, and hash browns to fortify us for our excursion in the rain.  We headed out on our stroll along the waterfront after breakfast and my manservant insisted we remain on the pavement of my multi-use trail.  That suggestion was fruitless because my multi-use trail was covered by plenty of water and mud.

Of course the smells were pitiful after four days of rain, rain, rain, but we enjoyed strolling along the waterfront and splashing our paws in the puddles.  The relatively light rain we were excursioning in soon turned heavy and we finally returned to the Hybridmobile dripping wet but vowing to never let the weather interfere with out excursions again.

The good news is that the rain finally stopped (for the time being) in late afternoon and we enjoyed sitting under our pergola in the evening before Starlight required a bath after playing in the mud!

I hope you are staying dry, pooches!


We started our celebration of the resumption of excursions by chowing down on a tasty breakfast.

My manservant can’t complain about our wet feet on the back seat of the Hybridmobile because he is leading us through this water.

My Rez looks quite calm in the rain.

The authorities need to fill in this hole before a pooch gets hurt!

Starlight, we might as well jump in since we’re already wet from the rain.

I hope the Hybridmobile doesn’t mind that we made it come out in such rainy weather.

What do you mean “have you been digging in the mud”?


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1 Response to Excursions resume in the rain

  1. Eily Nash says:

    Bravo! Brave Starlight & Sunshine, I too have been hugely inconvenienced by rather unseasonably inclement weather (even for English standards it has been dire over here). Three days of being incarcerated in my abode as selfish Grannie refused to perambulate the locality and waited on me hand and paw indoors instead. I salute your brave Manservant, a jolly decent chap indeed!

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