Teeming Tuesday

Pooches, when we awoke this morning we carefully listened for the sound of rain but heard none.  Hopping out of bed I went to my ‘puter to check the weather radar and was disheartened.  We were surrounded by rain in all directions.  Rats!

My manservant quickly hurried in the dark to his walk/run park for his walk/run before the rain returned.  He was successful and, when he returned to our den, he scooped up Starlight (to her surprise) and announced she had an appointment with her vet to check on her injured paw.  I felt sorry for her as she was carried out of our den howling and fighting to get away from the grip of my manservant.  She was buckled in her seat belt and away they went in the Hybridmobile.  I resumed my morning nap.

Pooches, when my manservant returned with Starlight in the Hybridmobile it appeared they had brought the rain with them.  In a very short time the steady rain turned heavy.  My manservant said that it appeared we were going to be in an all day heavy rain and an excursion would once again be unlikely.   Starlight and I were quite disappointed.

In an effort to soothe our disappointment by using food, my manservant headed to the kitchen to prepare lunch.  While my manservant was cooking I retrieved our picnic tablecloth from the dining room buffet and spread it out on the floor of our den in hopes of making the day a bit more festive.  After a short amount of time my manservant rang the dinner bell and emerged from the kitchen with an assortment of dishes he said were guaranteed to please the pallet.  It was so, pooches!

The rain, heavy at times, continued all day and is continuing now.  Pooches, if we have another day of this we will have full blown cabin fever in our pack!


Our indoor picnic included gazpacho, caprese kabobs, egg salad finger sandwiches, and a celery stalk.




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