Muggy Monday.

Pooches, the weather has turned rain forest-like in these parts.  My manservant headed to his walk/run park while it was still dark this morning in an attempt to avoid the heat but there was nothing he could do to avoid the humidity.  When he returned to our den he was drenched in sweat and suggested that the remainder of the day would probably be spent indoors.   He did manage a quick trip to the market for fresh vegetables and a trip late in the morning to his yoga class but otherwise we stayed inside.

We were all in the mood for tacos and lunch.  My manservant spent half and hour in the kitchen cooking them before we marched outside to our picnic bench to enjoy eating them.  Our picnic lasted about two bites before we hastily retreated inside because of the mugginess and approaching thunder.

It wasn’t long before the rains and frequent thunder returned.  From the looks of the weather radar we will remain safely inside for the remainder of the day.  Remember pooches, when it roars, go indoors!


I love blue tacos!

We love blue tacos!

Would you hurry up and give the ‘alright’ command?!

Drat! We’ve been rained out again.


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1 Response to Muggy Monday.

  1. Here too! We don’t love getting our paws wet when we venture out. Also, our Humans are not letting us on the bed lest we get the sheets muddy. Harrumph! Woofs and Wags, Cosmo and Stella

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