Productive excursion

Pooches, when my manservant returned from his walk/run this morning he headed to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.  After chopping, dicing and sautéing, a delicious meal of sausage with garlic potatoes was served.  We proudly paraded to the picnic bench and ate heartily while the experience of yesterday’s porridge for breakfast became a distant memory.

As expected, my manservant once again called for an early excursion.  Starlight and I headed to the Hybridmobile but my manservant said because today was rubbish day our excursion was going to be a litter patrol through the poochhood.  We reversed course and headed out the front door with my manservant clutching an empty bag from the market to hold the refuse.  A quick review of our roles had me as refuse spotter, Starlight as backup refuse spotter, and my manservant as refuse picker-upper.  Down the lane we went!

Plenty of refuse was gathered as we traveled along.  My manservant was so enthusiastic about our community service that we exited the poochhood through one entrance and walked along the main carriageway before reentering the poochhood through the other entrance!  Just as our refuse bag was filled a piece of refuse was spotted which conveniently turned out to be a plastic market bag!  It was employed as refuse bag on our way back to our den.  By the time we returned to our den we were all hot and sweaty and sprawled out on the hardwood floor to cool ourselves.

The decision was made to remain in our cool den for lunch rather than dine at the picnic bench.  We enjoyed corn pudding and black-eyed pea salad before my manservant surprised us with a fritter and coffee for dessert.  No doubt we will be dozing that fritter off all afternoon.

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday!


Sausage with garlic potatoes is a far better breakfast than the porridge my manservant had yesterday (although he’s not fooling anyone by placing it on a bed of lettuce).

I see the resurfacing gentlemen have returned.

Rubbish at eleven o’clock.

Our litter patrol took us along the main carriageway that passes by the poochhood.

Starlight, it is good to be back in the shade!

Surprising us all, my manservant produced an apple and cherry fritter accompanied by café au lait with chicory for dessert!



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