Late post before Wordless Wednesday

Pooches, we had another busy day around our den.  My manservant decided this morning that he was going to undertake his walk/run in the poochhood and asked Starlight and me to accompany him.  We were both keen to join him until we realized that this was going to be our excursion for the day.  Pooh!

Nevertheless, we did enjoy hiking through the poochhood and watching all of the activity with the carriages going to and fro loaded with humans during our rush hour.  Construction gentlemen were busy working on the lane behind our den and we spent a wee bit of time on our excursion watching all of the big machines that were in operation gobbling up the lane.  It was only when my manservant reminded us that we were on an excursion and needed to continue moving that Starlight and I were brought out of our captive state of being mesmerized by such large and noisy equipment.  We continued our trek.

Eventually we returned to our den for a quick breakfast before Starlight and I headed for our morning naps while my manservant headed outside to manicure the front and side yards.  After the manicuring had been completed, my manservant attacked edging, clipping, and pruning before returning inside to prepare lunch.

Pooches, what a lunch it was!  A gigantic barbecue vegetable pizza! Woo hoo!  We happily sauntered out to our picnic bench and munched hungrily on the reward for a successful morning and front and side yard manicuring.

This and that kept me busy for the remainder of the afternoon which is why I’m so late posting to my blog today.  When my womanservant returned to our den this evening our dinner was brought forth.  Starlight and I give “thumbs down” to black-eyed pea salad and artichokes with mayonnaise and ghee.  I hope the menu for tomorrow’s dinner is a bit more enticing!


My manservant decided on a walk/run in our poochhood rather than his walk/run park. Starlight and I accompanied him.

Sunshine, these newly rebuilt lanes are dandy but they are hot on the ol’ paws!

Barbecue vegetable pizza for lunch is a novel treat.

Goodbye cheese.

Where’s the boeuf?


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