A busy day around our den

Pooches, Mondays are always wash day and my manservant was up early carrying laundry to our laundry closet.  As soon as he started the first load he announced he was making an early morning visit to his teeth vet and headed out of the door.  It was mid-morning when he returned and said his visit to his teeth vet was quite successful and that he had stopped at his walk/run park on his return to our den.

After starting another load of laundry, my manservant immediately headed outside to manicure our back yard which had gotten unwieldy after so much rain of late.  He finished the manicuring job just in time to change to his yoga costume and headed to yoga.  When he returned we were all hungry and red beans and rice was prepared and carried to the picnic bench.  We all enjoyed lunch although we were disappointed garlic bread had not been prepared.

After lunch was completed and the dishes had been washed, dried and put away, we loaded into the Hybridmobile for a lengthy excursion to my Saturday park.  Pooches, it was a bright and sunny day although without a breeze we soon grew rather warm.  I started to jump in the water to cool off but my manservant forbade it and reminded me there were plenty of ‘gators around my park.  Yikes!

We’ve returned to our den now.  Starlight is planning on resting this afternoon after her busy weekend of agility performances and my manservant, after dealing with another load of laundry, has headed to the market to obtain the fare for tonight’s dinner.  It will be no surprise, pooches.  We always have salmon on Monday’s.


Starlight and I ate all of the sausage in our red beans and rice!

There isn’t a breeze stirring at my Saturday park.

Starlight, keep your face turned away from the camera and listen to my manservant grumble because we won’t face the camera.

Ha, ha! We fooled you.

Be careful, Starlight. This is the section where the ‘gator lives!

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