Fried chicken wings Friday!

Pooches, it is lonely around our den without my womanservant and Starlight!  My manservant once again refused to tend to his walk/run.  Instead, we had a leisurely early morning drinking coffee before we decided to undertake an early excursion to my school park  We perambulated back and forth at my park and covered quite the territory.  It just didn’t seem the same without Starlight with us.

Yoga class was attended in late morning before the highlight of our day:  fried chicken wings for lunch!  Woo hoo!

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday, pooches.


We’re on an early morning excursion at my school park.

I’m having to pose once again. Darn paparazzi!

I wish Starlight was here.

Can we go to the Yacht Club for brunch after our excursion?

I’ll bet my playground will be packed with wee humans later this morning!

I’m posing once again! This time in front of a Crepe Myrtle at my manservant’s yoga class building.


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