Breakfast excursion at my overlook

Pooches, my manservant chose not to go on his regular walk/run this morning.  He pointed out that my womanservant was taking Starlight away for the weekend to attend a three-day agility trial in a distant village and suggested we take a breakfast excursion in order for Starlight to be able to join us today.  I was agreeable and Starlight was pleased.  My manservant immediately headed to the kitchen to prepare our traditional sausage and biscuits for our morning picnic.

The Hybridmobile was excited about undertaking a long journey later today but focused on ferrying the lot of us to my overlook for our excursion.  I was pleased to see that the authorities had finally used their manicuring equipment on the tall grass.  We hurriedly ate breakfast knowing there would be an unusually high number of smells in the piles of grass clippings.  When we finished our sausage and biscuits (with strawberry jam) we hopped out of the boot of the Hybridmobile and headed downhill stopping frequently to savor an unusual smell.  Our excursion at my overlook was quite long and by the time we were ready to climb the hill to reach the Hybridmobile for our return to our den Starlight and I were tuckered out!

Pooches, it is going to be a lonely three days around our den with just me and my manservant.  Plenty of rest will be on our agenda.


Starting an early morning excursion with sausage and biscuit is a fine tradition!

Hooray! The authorities finally manicured my overlook.

The smells in the piles of grass are grand! Starlight, look how many we have to sniff.

I don’t see any alligators today, Sunshine.

I’m having fun! Are you?

It is going to be a long hike uphill!




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