Excursions resume!

Pooches, today has not been a routine day around our den but we did manage to get in an excursion after lunch.  My manservant decided to skip his walk/run this morning and, instead, carried Starlight to her vet for an inspection of her game leg.  Starlight was quite unhappy and gave my manservant an earful as he carried her to the Hybridmobile!  Pooches, their vet visit stretched to nearly two hours before they returned to our den.  Starlight gave me a blow by blow account of the indignities she suffered, including having the fur shaved off her leg.  I commiserated with her, especially when she said the vet had suggested that she wear the cone of shame.  Fortunately for Starlight my manservant told the vet he didn’t think that was necessary.  Whew!

Rain showers occurred off and on during the morning.  In late morning my manservant headed to the market to obtain scan for tonight’s dinner.  When he returned he had lunch in hand as well (poultry pot pie) and in less than an hour we were gathered at our picnic bench enjoying lunch despite the oppressively humid weather.  After the lunch dishes and utensils had been washed, dried, and returned to the cupboard, we boarded the Hybridmobile for a trip to my boat launch park for our excursion.  The weather was rather threatening and we stayed close by the Hybridmobile in case a quick escape was needed.  The scents were plenteous and Starlight and I had a grand time investigating them along the waterfront.  A nearby gaggle of geese distracted Starlight from her sniffing duties frequently and she finally gave in and spent the remaining time trying to chase them.  My manservant, of course, had her confined with her leash.

We’re back at our den where we’ve had off and on showers all afternoon.  Thunder is rumbling in the distance now so I’d better go console my manservant and Starlight.


We get pooch treats while my manservant gets poultry pot pie.

Starlight, be prepared to scurry quickly to the Hybridmobile if it starts raining.

The rain we’ve had thus far doesn’t seem to have affected the smells at my Rez.

More than anything Starlight wants to chase the geese.

I wonder where we parked the Hybridmobile?














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