I’m still here!

Pooches, sorry for the absence of posts last week.  My ‘puter fell quite ill last weekend and my manservant had to carry it to the ‘puter vet where it remained all week.  Excursions were non-existent because of a ferocious heat wave that made outdoor activity unwise!  The good news is that my ‘puter has now healed and it was retrieved from the ‘puter vet this morning, resuming its place in our library.

It is still steamy outside and we have been the recipient of rain showers all day.  My manservant did manage to execute his morning walk/run at his walk/run park before returning to our den and beginning a plethora of washday activities.  My manservant’s washday duties was suspended briefly to allow him to attend his yoga class.

Lunch was prepared as soon as my manservant returned from yoga class.  Pooches, it was a good old-fashioned summer lunch.  We paraded out to the picnic bench and enjoyed one bite of fried chicken before a rain shower forced us to seek refuge in our kitchen.  We talked of the possibility of an excursion today but concluded the unpredictable rain showers and steamy heat would make us delay our resumption of excursions until tomorrow.

It’s good to be back, pooches!


A tasty summer lunch of fried chicken, black-eyed peas, yams and cracklin’ cornbread!

A sudden rain shower forced us to relocate our summer lunch from our picnic bench to the kitchen.


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