We beat the rain!

Pooches, we have not been in our routine today.  My manservant declined to go on his walk/run this morning, preferring to watch the Tour de France on the telly.  It proved to be a rather lazy morning as we watched the exciting climb into the Pyrenees.  A short break was taken while breakfast was prepared and we were soon enjoying hash browns at our picnic bench before returning to watch the remainder of today’s leg.

I glanced at the weather during the morning and urged my manservant to undertake an early excursion because rain was going to be threatening us soon.  He was agreeable and we hopped into the Hybridmobile to be carried to my log cabin park.  It was a fine morning for an excursion because the wildflowers were showing off in the plot near my log cabin.  Starlight and I had a grand time enjoying a wide variety of scents while my manservant ooh’d and ahh’d  at the wildflower display.

Our return to our den was marked by a rain shower and the preparation of a fine southern lunch.  We dined at our picnic bench following the rain shower and will enjoy heavy naps this afternoon.

Pooches, we’re going on a road trip tomorrow!


We’re having hash browns and pooch treats for breakfast.

It is always fun to pay a visit to my log cabin.

Starlight, let’s go inspect the large wildflower area.

I didn’t know we had Blue Vervain around these parts!

Let’s race back to my log cabin!

A proper summer lunch: sliced tomato, stewed okra with tomatoes, purple hull peas and hoecakes.

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