Monday breakfast excursion

Pooches, my manservant headed to his walk/run park quite early this morning in order to complete his walk/run before the heat set in.  When he returned he immediately said the heat was quickly beginning to rise and a breakfast excursion would be in order.  I suggested to the Hybridmobile that we should go to my pine grove park because we hadn’t recently visited it.  The Hybridmobile was reluctant and apparently concerned that it might be too muddy but my manservant reassured the Hybridmobile that it was more than dry enough to venture off the road.  The Hybridmobile reluctantly agreed and, after stopping for a wee bit of breakfast take away, we purred northward on my Trace.

Other than a couple of fisherfolk at my pine grove park, we had it to ourselves.  Breakfast was quickly enjoyed in the Hybridmobile’s boot after which we had a grand saunter along the waterfront.  The smells were top-notch and Starlight and I were reluctant to leave when my manservant said he had to return in order to make to his yoga class on time.

When my manservant headed to his yoga class, Starlight and I undertook late morning naps.  When it was lunchtime we all agreed that it was much to hot outside to enjoy dining at the picnic bench and we enjoyed a light lunch on our Davenport.

It is turning out to be a lazy day, pooches.  My manservant is half-heartedly performing wash day duties while Starlight and I nap in the cool of our den.


Didn’t you purchase more than one sausage and biscuit?

We certainly made short work of that!

Sunshine, your Rez is as smooth as glass in the early morning.

There are some dandy smells over here, Starlight!

I guess we have to go now so my manservant can get to his yoga class on time.

Lunch was nice but afternoon naps are going to be even better!

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