Summer has decided to finally arrive!

Pooches, my manservant headed out a wee bit later than usual this morning for his morning walk/run.  When he returned in a ball of sweat he said if we were to have an excursion today it would have to be right away.  Apparently summer has decided to finally make an appearance.

We wasted no time in heading to the Hybridmobile to be carried to my overlook park.  Pooches, we had it to ourselves!  Starlight and I made haste to head to the waterfront for a serious session of sniffing.  The smells were grand and by the time our excursion was drawing to a close our sniffers were worn out!

In late morning my manservant headed to the market for supplies.  He returned with lunch for us which we enjoyed at our picnic bench, despite the heat.  My manservant munched on fish (without the chips) and a bit of beet salad with tofu.  Starlight was quick to move far away from the tofu but was relieved to learn that he  also brought bangers for us pooches.

The weekend it not far away, pooches!


We have my overlook to ourselves and we’re scurrying down to the waterfront for a fun sniffing session!

Starlight, I don’t know why the authorities haven’t cut my grass at my overlook.

Starlight pensively looks over the edge of the bluff to see if she can spot fish.

I guess it is time to head back to our den for lunch!

Woo hoo! Fish (sans the chips) and beet salad with tofu for lunch. Thankfully my manservant was thoughtful enough to obtain a wee bit of bangers for Starlight and me.

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