Solitary day

Pooches, Starlight left early this morning for her groomer’s and spent much of the day there.  My manservant, tending to his walk/run at a rather late hour of the morning, spent much of the day occupied with lawn manicuring and trimming.  I napped inside alone.

My manservant decided to finally prepare lunch even though Starlight was still at the groomer.  He cleaned the icebox of leftovers and we enjoyed boeuf patties, vegetarian pizza, mash and quinoa!  It was quite an assortment and I’m sorry Starlight was not here to enjoy it.

When the groomer called requesting that Starlight be retrieved, my manservant and I headed to the Hybridmobile and fetched her.  She thought she was quite stunning in her new furdo!  Of course, my manservant and I complimented her and she agreed to pose for a few pictures.

An excursion was ruled out for the day because it was approaching the hottest part of the afternoon.  Instead, we stayed safely in our den and napped.


It is a shame Starlight is missing our lunch at the picnic bench.

Starlight agrees to pose for a picture after she returned from her groomer.


Do you think this my best side?

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