Pooped excursion

Pooches, once again when my manservant returned from his morning walk/run he remained outside for a morning of yard work.  The front yard was manicured and then came the trimming, pruning, clipping, weeding and deadheading.  Starlight and I would look out the window occasionally to make sure he was alright.  Only one time did he frighten us when I glanced outside to see him perched high upon a ladder with an electric saw as he pruned the wisteria on our pergola.  Fortunately, neither Starlight nor I needed to call 911 as the work was completed without incident.  It was lunchtime when he finally finished his work and he came inside grumbling about his  tired muscles.  After he showered and donned his play costume, we all headed to the Hybridmobile for an excursion.

Apparently his stomach woes had subsided.  As the Hybridmobile puttered across my spillway my manservant directed it to head to a wee restaurant near my Saturday park.  An order was placed and after a lengthy wait my manservant emerged from the wee restaurant with a bacon cheeseburger and fries in his hand and a smile on his face.  It was only a short ride to my Saturday park and we soon were chowing down on a quite tasty meal at a picnic table complete with tablecloth on the waterfront.

Our after picnic stroll was rather limited.  My manservant was anxious to return to our den in order to get an early start spending the afternoon in his reading chair.  After we arrived at our den and he plopped in his chair Starlight and I decided to join him.  I’ll be returning to join him when I finish this post!


What are we waiting for?  Let’s eat!

Now that we’ve eaten can we go play?

Sunshine, you missed a smell back here!

I would go for a swim Sunshine but there’s a ‘gator who lives nearby.


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