Marvelous Monday

Pooches, we awoke this morning to blue skies, pleasant temperatures, and low humidity!  My manservant hurried to his walk/run park while Starlight and I began planning our excursion for the day.

All of the rain last week forced my manservant to spend the morning manicuring our back yard.  Starlight and I were quite pleased with the results of his endeavor and enjoyed playing outside until it was time for his yoga class.

Pooches, my manservant has been “off his feed” for the past two days and skipped breakfast this morning.  When he returned from his yoga class Starlight and I explained to him that we were hungry.  He soon withdrew leftover Italian boeuf balls from the icebox and heated them.  In a kind gesture, my manservant accompanied us to the picnic bench while we ate our lunch.  My manservant sat quietly munching on soda crackers and sipping milk.  Hopefully his stomach will recover soon.

It was much later than usual when we undertook our excursion for the day.  The Hybridmobile took us to our ol’ standby, my school park, and we had quite a time sniffing the smells left by the crowds during this past weekend.  When we ventured down to the waterfront there was a noticeably rare cool June breeze coming off of the water.

We’re back at our den now and plan on napping for the remainder of the afternoon while my manservant prepares chicken noodle soup for tonight’s meal.


I’m sorry you don’t feel like eating any of our Italian boeuf balls. Enjoy your soda crackers.

Can we play on my playground?

We don’t have to go yet, do we?  We were planning on going to the waterfront.

Starlight, it is so nice to see blue skies again!

Well, if we have to go we have to go.

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