Two park excursion

Pooches, we were quite surprised and pleased this morning when we looked outside and saw plenty of SUNSHINE!  The prognosticators had said it would be a day of rain but they were proved wrong.  My manservant hurried off to his walk/run park and returned an hour later having thoroughly gotten his exercise.

A hearty breakfast was prepared and we were soon outside enjoying the feast.  As soon as the breakfast dishes had been washed, dried, and returned to the cupboard, we decided the rain could move in at any time and we had better get our excursion in as soon as possible.  We hopped into the Hybridmobile which carried us to my sunken Trace park.  Instead of walking to the artsy-craftsy place or the sunken trial, my manservant urged us to my multi-use trail.  We headed down the trail and enjoyed plenty of smells along the way.  After much walking we reached a turn off which carried us to my school park!  Woo hoo!  Two of my parks in one excursion.

The breeze was quite strong coming off the water.  We wanted to head to the shoreline but my manservant forbade it saying it was much too soggy to venture there after all of the recent rain.  After more sniffing about we returned to my multi-use trail and headed back to the Hybridmobile and returned to our den to resume our morning naps.

Pooches, the rain has returned and we’re staying inside for the remainder of the day.


A poached egg on toast, bangers, figs and cantaloupe make for a fine breakfast!

We’ve not walked down my multi-use trail in some time.

Look at all the wee white flowers!

This is the way to my school park.

Starlight, let’s plan on doing this Saturday.

It is terribly windy up here.

We’ve returned to the faithful Hybridmobile.


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