We’re resting on Monday

Pooches, Starlight and I had quite the good time playing with Fred and Buttons over the weekend.  We both agreed this morning that we needed to spend the day resting.  My manservant would have none of it and departed early for his morning walk/run.  When he returned he said all of the rain of late had caused the grass to grow too fast and he headed outside to spend a bit of time manicuring our lawn.

When the manicuring task had been completed, my manservant prepared a bowl of figs (the first harvest from our fig tree) and cream.  Starlight and I chose bangers for our breakfast and we enjoyed dining at our picnic bench.  Because he anticipated either hot temperatures or rain at excursion time, he urged Starlight and me to head for the Hybridmobile for an early excursion.  We both declined and explained we needed our rest.  He promised a short excursion and we finally gave in to him and boarded the Hybridmobile.  After consultation with my manservant, the Hybridmobile headed to my peninsula park.  Pooches, for the first time ever we had it to ourselves!  Woo hoo!

Our excursion was low energy and short as my manservant promised.  We quickly returned to our den in order for my manservant to head to his Monday yoga class in a timely manner.

Lunch was marked by a HUGE serving of vegetarian hibachi with miso soup.  There was so much food that we finally grew tired of eating and there was plenty leftover for more meals in the future.

We’ll be continuing our resting this afternoon.


My manservant eats figs and cream while Starlight and I have a wee bit of a banger.

Sunshine’s Rez is pretty calm this morning.

Starlight, we could have a race down my peninsula park and see who makes it to the shoreline first…

…or not.

That was fun!

How much rice do they think one person can eat?

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