Fine Friday

Pooches, just as I anticipated, my manservant was feeling quite guilty this morning about his deceptive behavior yesterday and suggested an immediate excursion upon his return from his morning walk/run.  Starlight and I feigned limps as we headed to the Hybridmobile.

The Hybridmobile, in bad humour after having spent two nights in the lane, drove us efficiently, if not crabbily,  to my overlook.  When we arrived we were the sole visitors at my park and thoroughly enjoyed having free run of it during our time there.  Many smells had been left there since our last visit and we had a grand time identifying each one.

By late morning it had grown terribly hot outside and we were grateful for our early excursion.  My manservant headed out in the heat to attend his regular Friday yoga class.  When he returned he had the audacity to tell Starlight and me that he was headed to a nearby village to have lunch at a soul food restaurant and that we were on our own for lunch!  Starlight doesn’t cook very well so I guess the job falls to me.

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday, pooches.


If the authorities don’t cut the grass at my overlook soon they are going to need a bush hog.

These blue flowers are everywhere!

It is nice to have my overlook to ourselves for a change.

Starlight, don’t turn around and look but I think we’re being followed.

I’m ready to go back to our den where it is cool.

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