Traitorous excursion!

Pooches, you never know who your friends are!  When my manservant failed to tend to his walk/run this morning Starlight and I decided it was going to be another lazy morning by our pack.  We enjoyed napping on the Davenport and, in general, having a morning of doing nothing and piddling around our den.  Little did we know of what was going to transpire in the afternoon.

My manservant had to run a few errands in late morning and returned with a cheese pizza to which he added half of the contents of our icebox before placing it in the oven.  Woo hoo!  When it was ready to eat we paraded back to our Davenport (my manservant claimed it was too hot and humid to dine on our picnic bench) and we enjoyed our lunch despite the sizzling hot melted cheese on the pizza which stuck to our muzzles.

After lunch, Starlight and I headed to the Hybridmobile (which, sadly, it still is confined to the lane in front of our den) for our excursion.  My manservant called us back to the den and informed us that our excursion was going to take place later in the afternoon.  Starlight and I were curious about the change in plans from our routine but excitedly awaited a new type of excursion.

Pooches, my manservant is a traitor!!!!!!!!  In late afternoon he urged us to hop in the Hybridmobile.  We traveled for some distance before we arrived at, of all things, our vet’s office!  We struggled fiercely as our manservant dragged us inside but were unsuccessful at escaping.  I have censored the pictures from by blog of us being stuck by the 10 foot long needles out of sensitivity to those of you who might not be able to handle such graphic detail.

We are back at our den now, pooches.  My manservant is in the manservant house as far as we are concerned.  We’re limping to bed for the evening and plan on sleeping hard!  There’s no doubt my manservant will not be able to sleep tonight as his dastardly deed of today will weight heavily on his conscience.

Tomorrow has to be better.


Another lazy morning is made better by pizza for lunch.

Say, this smells like we are at the vet’s office!

Let me out of here!

It’s useless, Sunshine. I hear the vet coming now.


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