Excursion immediately follows walk/run

Pooches, the weather led us to undertake our excursion immediately upon my manservant’s return from his morning walk/run.  The threat of afternoon rain is quite high and if it doesn’t rain it is going to be quite hot and humid.  Opting for an early walk/run seemed to be the logical course of action.

The Hybridmobile efficiently ferried us to my school park.  Because we frequently spend our time there we decided to explore a part of the park we’ve never visited before.  It was quite shady but quite hilly.  Starlight and I had a grand time seeing all the new sights and enjoyed a plethora of smells.

Pooches, when we returned to our den following our excursion we were met with the scary sight of a group of humans stealing our curb from the lane!  Starlight barked furiously at the group warning them of the consequences of their actions.  I ran inside to call the authorities and report them but my manservant stopped me and said the situation was under control because they were planning to build us a new curb.  We were all relieved except for the Hybridmobile which will have to spend a few nights in the lane because its house is inaccessible.  The Hybridmobile is quite unhappy!

My manservant prepared a patty melt for our lunch which was briefly enjoyed at our picnic bench until a rain shower drove us indoors to complete our lunch.


It is a beautiful morning at my school park but I can tell it is going to be hot today.

We’re exploring parts of my school park that we’ve not visited before.

Starlight, I believe we’re on the trail of a skunk!

Well that’s a fine how do you do. Those men are stealing our curb!

The Hybridmobile is quite perturbed that it can’t get to its house and is going to have to spend the night in the lane.

After seeing a patty melt made I think we can safely assume it is not a healthy meal.

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1 Response to Excursion immediately follows walk/run

  1. llindaxxo says:

    OMG They are the cutest! I love that you have a duo leash linked so they can walk side-by-side! I’m looking for a sister for my Bebe now! Even though I just got my Bebe, I feel like she needs a friend like your Westies!

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