Excursion at my school park

Pooches, the wonderfully cool and dry weather continues today!  This morning my manservant declined to go on his walk/run and said he felt like cocooning all day!  I would have none of it and explained to him my schedule for the day, including an excursion before his yoga class.

My manservant resigned himself to not cocooning and headed to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.  What a breakfast, pooches!  Not only did we have sausage with our pancakes but two strips of bacon were included.  Woo hoo!

Shortly after breakfast we loaded into the Hybridmobile and requested to be carried to my school park.  Similar to the past two days there was a chilly breeze blowing off of the water.  Starlight and I were pleased to see that my park had been restocked with various nocturnal (mostly) smells and had a grand time sniffing and strolling about.

Following my manservant’s yoga class he prepared an egg and olive salad sandwich with chips.  For the second time today again paraded out to our picnic bench. .

See you on Silent Saturday, pooches.


Not only do we have pancakes with maple syrup but we have sausage AND bacon!

I’m glad the smells at my parks have been replenished after the rain.

Starlight, that was a funny joke!

Sunshine, there are even smells in the water!

Here we come, ready or not.

An egg and olive salad sandwich with chips is a rather dull lunch!

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