Rainy and wet Monday

Pooches, once again it was raining when we awoke this morning with the prognosticators saying it was going to rain off and on all day.  My manservant waited for a break in the rain before he headed to his walk/run park for a hasty walk/run.

Most of the morning was devoted to wash day chores by my manservant while Starlight and I napped.  Once or twice the rain stopped and my manservant urged us to go outside briefly before the next rain shower began.  In late morning my manservant headed to his yoga class.

On his return my manservant suggested that we eat lunch before taking an excursion.  After spending a short time preparing our lunch we headed to the picnic bench because we were between rain showers.  We enjoyed a fine meal despite the soggy conditions!

After boarding the Hybridmobile following lunch, we enjoyed an efficient ride to my sunken Trace.  We selected this park because there are plenty of areas in which we could stroll that would be relatively dry.  The smells were disappointing because we spent most of our excursion on the elevated walkway.  Finally as our excursion was coming to an end, my manservant took us to a large grassy area.  The smells there were dandy and we were reluctant to leave until another rain shower convinced us otherwise!


Sausage and biscuits with gravy makes a dandy breakfast on a rainy morning!

We enjoyed moussaka with feta salad and a stuffed grape leaves for lunch at our picnic bench during a break in the rain.

Sunshine, there are hardly any smells on this walkway.

We’ve arrived at my artsy-craftsy place.

I still say this is an odd place.

My manservant finally lets us out in the grass.








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