Late excursion

Pooches, it was quite chilly this morning when we arose.  My manservant had to retrieve a heavy jacket in order to go on his morning walk/run at his walk/run park.  When he returned he had shed his jacket and reported that the temperature was rising quickly.

He soon departed to a nearby village to perform a mission of mercy.  He remained there the remainder of the morning and did not return until lunchtime.  Starlight and I were  pleased to see that he bore an old-fashioned blue plate special in take away boxes.  As soon as lunch was plated we marched out to the picnic bench and thoroughly enjoyed the hearty meal of pork chop, mash and gravy, lima beans, and a wee bit of radish.

Instead of immediately heading out on our excursion after lunch, my manservant said he had errands to run and we could go on our excursion after the errands had been completed.  Pooches, it was mid-afternoon before our excursion was undertaken!  The Hybridmobile dutifully motored to my overlook where we found that my park was full of people and pooches enjoying the pretty day.  I was pleased to see that the authorities had cut much of the tall grass which left a multitude of smells scattered around my park.

After inspecting as many of the smells as we possibly could, we grew hot in the SUNSHINE and decided to return to our den for the afternoon.  We’re now napping.


We’re waiting for our first bite of pork chop.

I love the smell of freshly cut grass!

It’s much cooler in the shade of this grove of pine trees.

There are a lot of pooches enjoying my overlook this afternoon!





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