Waiting for more rain…

Pooches, the rains poured forth overnight and left us with a soggy day in these parts!  My manservant left unusually early for his walk/run at his walk/run park.  When he returned he said the skies looked threatening and the likelihood for rain was going to increase all day.  An immediate excursion was ordered and the lot of us piled in the Hybridmobile.

I suggested that we go to my pine grove park but the Hybridmobile objected because it had no intention of leaving the pavement under any circumstances on this soggy day.  My boat launch park was the closest and has the most pavement so, after stopping at the deli for bangers and biscuits, we glided down the lane to the boat launch park.

After enjoying our breakfast in the Hybridmobile’s boot, we strolled along the shoreline.  There were hardly any scents because of the heavy rain last night and, except for an occasional scent left this morning, we had a very uneventful stroll.

We returned to our den in plenty of time for my manservant to attend his yoga class.  Upon my manservant’s return from yoga we decided to have breakfast for lunch and we were soon enjoying egg, bacon and waffles with maple syrup at our picnic bench!  Woo hoo!

Our plan for the afternoon is to snooze and await the prognosticated rain.


Bangers and biscuits for breakfast in the boot.

The heavy rain overnight washed away all the good smells.

Sunshine, I found a good scent over here!

This scent must have been left after last night’s rain.

We’re having breakfast for lunch at our picnic bench.





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