Tardy Thursday

Sorry for the late post, pooches!  We’ve had quite the busy day around our den.

When my manservant returned from his walk/run this morning he headed to our library to “spend a bit of time” in preparation for some type of responsibility he has Saturday.  Well, pooches, “a bit of time” turned into all of the day.  Fortunately, he did take a break in late morning and suggested an excursion before the heat of the day was upon us.

Because my manservant was anxious to get back to his preparation duties, in order to save time the Hybridmobile ferried us to my overlook.  Upon arrival Starlight and I immediately charged to the shoreline for our sniffing duties.  The scents were plentiful and we had a grand time romping along the waterfront!

Our excursion was rather brief and we soon returned to our den for lunch (Rumbledethumps) before retiring for our afternoon naps.  My manservant, of course, returned to our library for continued preparation.

The weekend is nearly here, pooches!


Oh dear! I hope this isn’t Westie fur.

I’m maintaining a precarious balance at the edge of a cliff to investigate this scent.

What a pretty day it is at Sunshine’s overlook!

Starlight, I do believe a carriage has been driving on the grass at my overlook.

Look Starlight!!! I think while we were on our excursion the Hybridmobile had a baby!

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