Fool for walking

Pooches, my manservant is known to go overboard from time to time.  This morning, after returning from a lengthy walk/run at his walk/run park, my manservant said he wanted to undertake an early excursion today and go to my overlook.  Starlight said she was looking forward to an excursion and was well-rested after taking a day of rest yesterday because of her long weekend of agility activity.

After a bit of dilly-dallying around our den my manservant urged us to the Hybridmobile.  Pooches, the Hybridmobile had a mind of its own and purred down the lane in the direction of my school park. I pointed out that we had wanted to go to my overlook but my manservant said we could just walk there from my school park.  Humph!

We headed toward my multi-use trail and were soon energetically on our way to my overlook.  Pooches, it wasn’t long before that adverb portion of our excursion dwindled and we were left plodding our way to my overlook.  A long rest at my overlooked was necessary and it refreshed us considerably for the return walk to the Hybridmobile.

Racking up more than 10,000 steps well before noon my manservant declared sitting to be his next major activity!



I can’t believe we’re going to walk all the way to my overlook from my school park.

Are we walking too fast for you?

My paws are starting to get hot!

Hooray! We made it to your overlook.

I think I’ll get my manservant to go back for the Hybridmobile and pick us up here at my overlook.

There’s the bridge so we’re no too far from the Hybridmobile!


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