Early excursion starts our week

Pooches, Starlight returned last night from here long weekend of agility competition.  She was pooped and decided she was going to have another day of rest today.  My manservant suggested that we take our excursion before his yoga class but Starlight said she was resting and would not accompany us.  My manservant and I headed to the Hybridmobile and merrily rode to my school park where a beautiful morning awaited us.

A dandy stroll ensued and I sniffed my school park from high to low.  I was impressed by the progress the authorities are making on my new pooch park.  After a close inspection, I found no flaws in the quality of the construction and declared it to be dandy.

When my manservant returned from his yoga class we decided to celebrate with a shrimp boil.  Once the cooking had finished we enjoyed a grand picnic at our picnic bench.  Starlight was enticed enough by the smell wafting through our den that she decided to temporarily end her day of rest and joined us for the feast.

The lot of us are now back in our den preparing to snooze away the afternoon.


We start off our excursion by getting exercise on the stairs to nowhere.

The authorities are making nice progress on my new pooch park.

I hope the authorities plan to erect “No Humans Allowed” signs!

Starlight is missing out on a beautiful morning at my Rez.

Starlight suspends her day of rest temporarily in order to join us for our first shrimp boil of the season.

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1 Response to Early excursion starts our week

  1. Eily Nash says:

    Ohh Sunshine & Starlight, may I say your shrimp boil looks so yummy!
    I had Grannie rustle me up a rather tasty snackette of omelette with grated cheddar, a dash of turmeric and a sprinkle of coriander & basil and a side of crunchy buttered toast…
    We are such lucky pooches having our humans well trained in the art of food prep!
    nom nom nom!

    Woofs from Angel 🙂

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